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 ʿͷ-18187199666located in the beautiful scenery along the coast of Lake Taihu, in recent years, along with the reform and opening up, the rapid development of a company by the State Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Machine Building Industry, Ministry of Chemical Industry, the provincial labor bureau sentinel design, manufacture one, Second, the three types of pressure vessels, the professional chemical equipment manufacturers.

You Petrochemical production equipment such as tower equipment. Reactors (electric heating, steam heating), fermentor; GXZ rotary film evaporator, the crystallization of the pot. Spray, heat exchanger; So, the production line of proprietary Chinese medicines, oral liquid product line; category as multifunctional from cans. outside the circle evaporator efficient concentrator frozen precipitation cans, alcohol recovery tower, a vacuum oven, mixer, such as sterilization. Other equipment such as : water treatment equipment, desecrator, volumetric water heaters, and other sub-drum.

I took special requirements if users can plant design. Company colleagues to join the community together to develop a wide range of areas, to create a better tomorrow. Would like to sincerely cooperate with you, common prosperity, the cause of our products to you tomorrow with the brilliant! I respectfully request that the new, Elderly clients enlighten patronizing!


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